Our  envirionmentally friendly pool has a salt chlorine generator that uses chemical electrolysis to minimize chlorine levels. Our 37-acre property, registerd as a private reserve, is at the end of a valley surrounded on three sides by the rainforest of Piedras Blancas National Park. The next Village, La Gamba, is 2 kilometers away. The unique location attracts many of the birds and animals which inhabit the area. 

  • Watch the birds from our covered, secluded lakeside rancho.
  • Take an early morning guided birdwatching hike.
  • Visit our fruit and vegetable garden at the end of the Riverbed Trail
  • Stroll through our tropical garden, a paradise for photographers.
  • Take a guided night hike to see frogs, bats or snakes.
  • Visit nearby La Gamba Tropical Field Station.
  • Discover the rainforest on your own on our easy, short Bird Trail and Manakin Trail.
  • Look for caimans, basilisks, agoutis, leaf-cutter ants, coatis and more.
  • ...or just relax by the pool while listening to the sounds of the jungle.