How can I get to Esquinas Lodge?
Please click here to find information on travel by car, plane and bus. You can drive all the way to the lodge without difficulty and do not need a 4WD vehicle. The 3 miles from the turn-off in Villa Briceño to the lodge are level but not paved .

How long should I stay?
We suggest a minimum of three nights if you arrive by car. This would give you two full days for hikes and excursions. If you arrive by plane on one of the early morning flights, a two- or three-night package is recommended. 

Is there a minimum age limit?
Children 6 years and over are welcome. For security reasons, we do not accept children under 6.

Can we use credit cards?
We accept Visa and Master Card, U.S. dollars and Costa Rican colones.

Is there electricity, hot water and internet?
We are connected to public electricity and do not have a noisy generator. Showers have hot water. Bathroom taps have only cold (80 F.) water. Rainforest Alliance has certified that our water, which comes from a from a spring in the jungle, is completely safe to drink.We offer free WIFI in the lobby area.

What should I bring?
We recommend that you bring lots of T-shirts, shorts and bathing suits, long light cotton trousers for excursions and sitting outside at dusk, a poncho or raincoat, Gore-Tex walking shoes or boots, rubber sandals or surfer‘s slippers for the ocean, binoculars, insect repellent, and a flashlight.

How is the climate?
We get the most rain in May, June, September and October, but it rarely rains in the morning - even during „rainy season“. The sunniest and hottest period is between Christmas and March. During the other months, expect sunny mornings followed by short and sometimes heavy tropical showers or thunderstorms during the afternoon. Temperatures never dip below 73 degrees F. at night and rarely climb above 85 degrees F. However, humidity is very high at all times.

What about bugs and snakes?
Esquinas Lodge has less bugs than most lodges on the coast. Nevertheless, „no-see-ums“ are active around dusk and you should put on repellent and long trousers as a precaution. Although our gardeners carefully control the property each morning, we cannot prevent snakes from visiting us occasionally. Snakes are very shy and only attack or bite when surprised or stepped on. The only dangerous snake in the vicinity is the fer-de-lance, which can often be seen in the riverbed near the lodge. Since we opened in 1994, there have been no incidents with snakes. Just use common sense, watch where you step, don‘t run around barefooted, and don‘t venture off trails into the underbrush.

What kind of animals can we see?
Esquinas has been called one of Costa Rica‘s birding hot-spots, with more than 300 species counted. Groups from renowned birding organizations such as Birdquest, Road Scholar or the Audubon Society visit us every year. Animals often seen at the lodge include great currasows, toucans, coatis, raccoons, snapping turtles and caimans. On our hikes and excursions it is possible to see  white-faced capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, squirrel monkeys, peccaries, pacas, opposums, crocodiles, poison-dart frogs, glass frogs, red-eyed leaf frogs, toads, iguanas, lizards and - on rare occasions - wildcats.

Are there medical facilities around?
There is a good hospital in Golfito, a 30-minute drive from the lodge.